About Us

It’s not only about the destination, but also about the journey

Stylish and functional travel accessories

Our mission is to take the hassle out of packing and make every single journey of your life comfortable and pleasurable. We are a one-stop shop for stylish and functional travel accessories from travel bags to sunglasses and much more. When travelling security is a priority, so we offer anti-theft accessories such as RFID protected wallets and purses so that you feel safe when on the go.

One stop shop for travellers

Our company was born out of the passion for travel and the need to have a unique place where fellow travellers can find everything for their journey. We cater for all types of travel - short city breaks with single hand luggage, long-haul flights with several transits, and everything in between. It can be overwhelming packing for a trip and the journey can be complex, so we want to help you travel smart, easy and in style.

Tailored to your travelling needs

We handpick the best and most beautiful materials, manufacturers and items to be able to guarantee you the highest quality travel accessories - let them be weekend bags, travel jewellery cases or document organisers.  We endeavour to source products which help to sustain our planet, such as the 24Bottles range of stainless steel water bottles, which are produced with zero carbon emission, or bamboo accessories!  If you are stuck, we are here to recommend to you items tailored to your specific journey and to keep you updated on quality, practical accessories so that you can carry your favourite things and travel in style.

 Enjoy the journey

Whatever your reason is to travel, we think of you. From business people to couples and families we have brilliant and practical products. Travel cabin luggage, leather or faux-leather backpacks, tech accessories, baby changing bags and make-up cases - just a few examples of the wide selection of our fantastic travel items. We are committed to the highest quality whether it is natural or man-made material.

Note from the Founder

We take care of sourcing and supplying you with all the things you need during your trip so that you can focus on enjoying the journey and collecting good memories.

We look forward to being part of your next journey.

Barbara and the Holiday Accent Team